Systematica at ‘Open Data & Big Data’ Workshop in Rimini


Rimini and Misano Adriatico invited Systematica to join the ‘Open Data & Big Data’ Workshop, held in Rimini on April 6, 2018. The workshop is part of the broader Strategic Plan (‘Piano Strategico Rimini Venture 2027’) and is organized within the project’s framework ‘MOBILITAS – Mobility for nearly 0 CO2 in Mediterranean Tourism Destinations (INTERREG MED PROGRAMME 2014-2020).

Among the several speakers invited, Rawad Choubassi, Systematica’s partner and director, joined the workshop to present the mobility study developed in Los Angeles through extensive use of big data with a focus on the broader topic of how the available Big Data is changing the way we plan cities. The speech at ‘Open Data & Big Data Workshop’ aimed at underlining the importance of data in mobility management and planning, and comes a couple of months after Systematica unveiled its research on Big Data at Google headquarter in San Francisco. Systematica‘s participation to the ‘Open Data & Big Data’ workshop confirms once  again the constantly growing knowledge of the firm in the rich and intricate realm of mobility-related Big Data, positioning Systematica at the centre of a series of mobility-related technology producers, including modelling software developers, data and mobility services providers and several others.

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