Systematica with Fla at AIPCR for Italian National Plan of Climate Changes


AIPCR Italia (World Road Association-PIARC) has launched the work of its National Technical Committee ‘Strategies of Adaptability and Resilience’. The World Road Association-PIARC was established in 1909 and represents the oldest international association involved in road transport engineering, policy-making and management.
Within the framework of the AIPCR National Committees’s works, Systematica’s partner Claudia Ponti collaborates with FLA (Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambiente) on the ‘Piano Nazionale per i Cambiamenti Climatici’ (National Plan for Climate Changes), being responsible of the analysis concerning the so-defined Transportation Critical Infrastructures. For the first time, the Plan contemplates the physical, operational and behavioural features of mobility, examining also the variety of stakeholders called for concertation and action in resilience practices. Additionally, the Plan proposes a range of work hypotheses, aiming at integrating sectors that have been separately considered so far, such as the water system and urban settlements.

For more information, visit the official website of Ministero dell’Ambiente (Ministry of Environment)

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