Maputo, Mozambique: Systematica Wins Int’l Tender for Avenida Marginal PPU


The Maputo Municipal Council (CMM) is carrying out a two-phases Municipal Development Program (PROMAPUTO). One of its subcomponents aims at providing support to the municipality to improve its efficiency in urban management and planning through the elaboration of a P.P.U. and the implementation of a Geographic Information System.

Maputo Partial Urban Plans (P.P.U.) seeks on one hand, to re-plan housing areas of disorderly settlements along the Avenida and, on the other hand, to ensure Land Tenure (DUAT). The typical elements of urban planning will integrate elements belonging to the preservation of ecological, environmental, and tourist areas, as well as to the conservation of of historic and cultural assets, along with the consideration of the complex social, economic and cultural dynamics along the sea front.

The international team, composed by MMA Architects, ED Srl, Gluxus Lda and Systemtica, will define an urban concept from the land qualification, infrastructure networks (transport, communications, electricity and sanitation) including the mangrove conservation and coastal protection, road network, location of facilities and equipment of collective use and interest, ecological structure, urban parking system and quality public space.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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