Systematica participated to the international competition with Topotek1 team in order to develop a master plan for the new King Salman Park in Riyadh, the proposal won the 3rd prize. The project will be an urban intervention of great importance: the largest car-free area in Saudi Arabia. Great attention is paid to new strategic connections both at local and wide-area scale, as well as to the pedestrian and micro-mobility connections related to the car-free nature of the development. The proposal

Wide-area connections: Easy and convenient access by private vehicles is granted. Public transport access will be improved by the ongoing development of a cutting-edge metro network, while the site is served by a denser system of BRT, regular and feeder bus routes.

Transit oriented development (TOD): The proposed strategies will integrate the planned public transportation corridors (2 metro lines + BRT) and increase the accessibility to the site, with the introduction of additional services. As a result, more than 50% of the site will be under 800 meter distance from a major public transport nodes, becoming the largest Transit Oriented Development in Riyadh.

Forward-thinking mobility strategy: A system made of green, electric self-driving vehicles is put in place enabling substantial reduction of emissions while increasing travel options.