Stadepark Mixed-use Masterplan


The STADePARK proposal has been selected as the winner of the Wunnquartier Stade Competition among the 35 initial participants. The project is a major mixed-use development transforming the city stadium and surroundings into a car-free urban neighborhood development spanning over 10 hectares with a focus on housing.

The Josy Barthel Stadium, the conserved ex-fire station, a nursery, and several other functions and buildings currently occupy the project site. The project proposes a residential district offering varied and affordable housing, a large public park instead of the stadium, local shops, communal and leisure areas, an international school, nurseries, sports facilities, and playgrounds. The P+R across the road will be repurposed to provide off-site parking, mobility hubs, and mixed uses.

Systematica, as part of the team led by 2001 and HHF and in collaboration with Agence TER, Transsolar, and Cabane Urbane Strategien & Entwicklung, provided consulting services in all aspects related to transport, vehicular accessibility, public transport and internal active mobility, parking demand, and logistics and delivery strategy. 

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Image Courtesy of 2001 and HHF

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