National and Regional Transport Planning

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Planning for an overall and comprehensive vision of transportation networks on the national and regional scales continuously proves to be a keystone in transport infrastructure planning for fostering future economic growth

A number of factors, such as population growth, changes in mobility trends and dynamics, socio-economic and sociodemographic transformations, etc, constitutes the growing need for improving current and future living conditions on the national and regional scales.

Transport infrastructure planning on the national and regional scales is underpinned with an in-depth empirical research and analysis of local characteristics through on-site surveys in order to establish a consolidated baseline supported with quantitative traffic data.

Macroeconomic analysis constitutes another key component aimed to ensure economic and financial feasibility based on passenger and freight demand analysis, cost analysis and resulting key performance and economic indicators. Furthermore, forecast travel demand studies are validated through traffic modelling, where multiple scenarios are generated for achieving a robust and resilient mobility plan that adapts to the most likely evolutions. In addition, multimodal transport models are used on macro and, where applicable, micro scales for assessing cumulative and partial network performance levels; this is carried out through state-of-the-art advanced modelling software to meet the purposes of the project and ensure adaptability to tools and software used in any given context.

We work on national and regional scales in countries with diverse political, socio-demographic and cultural conditions

Through hands-on experience, we developed analytical and processing capabilities and techniques that go beyond the mere technical engineering approach, aimed toward a new approach to integrate and develop regional planning, land use planning, transport planning and traffic engineering principles into a single analytical and prescriptive framework.

Master Plans on the national and regional scales are prepared to constitute decision making tools for public and private entities, including cost estimation exercises and financial analysis for assessing feasibility and viability of major infrastructure projects.

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