Due diligence and Peer Reviewing


The technical approach and scientific methods devised for tackling transport planning in any given situation determines the reliability of its results

Technical Due Diligence services are aimed to provide additional insights for any investment proposal prior to moving into a detail feasibility study. Besides the thorough examination and appreciation of previously related produced studies and latest available data, the Due Diligence exercise is a key step in setting the strengths, potentials and threats of the investment, exploring the technical and regulatory prerequisites for the success of ad-hoc devised scenarios.

Among the above-mentioned outcomes, the rigorous and well-structured application of economic techniques and instruments establishes furthermore a solid scientific base that assists decision makers in setting preliminary pricing ranges, incentive systems, and other policy and regulatory objectives deemed.

All mobility and transport services provided by Systematica are supported, where applicable, by rigorous analytical and forecast tools addressed, in particular, to government agencies, transport operators, and other businesses and industries.

We have consolidated our experience in due diligence by developing rigorous transport-related database, tools and methods

These models are based on in-depth investigation of existing framework (population, households, employment, income, active population school enrollment, GDP, etc.), the definition of multiple growth scenarios linked to the variation of a large set of parameters and indicators (annual matrices, value of time, GDP, car ownership, etc.), the definition of balanced fare/tariff strategies, and, if needed, the execution of articulated surveys (Revealed/ Stated Preference Surveys and other types).

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