Strategic Traffic and Revenue Advisory


Strategic advisory to government agencies, transport operators, and other businesses is one of our specific field of investigation

We have been continuously involved in a large range of transport projects of toll roads, public transport systems, and parking structures, requiring a comprehensive understanding of the current regulatory and economic conditions and, more importantly, solid travel demand growth and forecasts.

Forecasting traffic demand is in fact crucial in transport project financing and PPP schemes as the volumes of traffic expected on any given transport infrastructure/network has a relevant impact on both project costs (Capex and Opex) and project revenues, especially for toll roads where user charges consist of the predominant source of cash flow.

However, the accurate and realistic estimation of the future volumes and categories of traffic is a challenging task that requires comprehensive and multidimensional analyses of both current situation and future trends as well as solid traffic modelling at territorial level.

Strategic transport modelling is an inevitable assessment tool in traffic and revenue advisory

We have been developing state-of-the-art procedures, in particular when defining generalised cost equations (VoT, VoC, user perception factors, etc.), replicating users’ travel demand elasticity and developing sensitivity analysis.

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