Traffic Data Analysis

Systematica-Expertise-06-Traffic Data Analysis

We make extensive use of traffic data to unveil key-facts and detailed information of diverse traffic patterns on which our mobility strategies and plans are firmly hinged on

Traffic Data Analysis and Forecast are basic requirements for sound transport planning, infrastructure development and mobility management. As a matter of fact, traffic data can delineate, through attentive analyses, existing traffic patterns and characteristics in diverse contexts, while providing also information on possible future trends and behaviours, that are forecasted through reference to historical data.

For us, at Systematica, traffic data represent the key to understand and meet the needs and challenges of every project that we tackle and for this reason they constitute the very first component to consider during the initial phase of our works, be it a transport study or a mobility strategy.

Traffic Data Analysis is essential to formulate efficient transport strategies and deliver efficacious mobility plans for both people and goods.

Current abundance of real-time and historical available data poses new challenges for traffic data analysis

Today, the available mobility data has revolutionized the traditional approach of transport engineering, giving transport planners a proactive role in selecting and analysing data sources based on an in-depth understanding of project needs.

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