Parking Studies


Parking is a crucial asset in any development that contributes significantly to the project’s success and to users’ experience, comfort and security

Parking studies include parking traffic engineering and design. They are aimed principally to measure the circulation and traffic system performance levels inside complex parking areas and structures.

Systematica acts as a specialist consultant to: verify design effectiveness of parking areas inside complex buildings and independent parking structures; carry out complex parking demand computations for estimating realistically the need for parking places, beyond the strict statutory requirements; model and simulate vehicular and pedestrian traffic inside complex parking structures for highlighting congestion situations and capacity shortfall at entry/exit gates and portals, and; provide detailed indications regarding system dimensioning and shortfalls as well as layout efficiency.

Furthermore, spatial verifications are undertaken to grant adequate safety levels in terms of visibility, especially in parking structures where pillars and similar structural elements obstruct vision and lead to unsafe conditions for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Parking structures are studied and designed to meet best international practices and standards, with a special focus on LEED Certifications guidelines.

Our tailored approach is refined through hands-on experience on highly complex projects

Systematica has developed, over the years, an outstanding track record through work on parking areas and structures in very complex environments (high rise buildings, stadia, etc.) with a significant number of parking places and forecast traffic volumes.

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